• Merci

    Merci. The coolest concept stores in Paris, and beyond. Here, some images celebrate its beauty, between the store and the Book Coffee. Merci. Il concept store… More  →
  • A Swedish inn

    This, in Sweden, looks like a perfect place to admire the wild beauty around, and relax. It ‘an inn. A place to receive, welcome and share.… More  →
  • A swedish stylist’s home

    The amazing style of Pella Hedeby. Creative, modern, yet so warm and welcoming. A house with nordic colors, neutral tones that are the backdrop for pieces… More  →
  • Light and white

    The charm of the pure white that blends with the warmth of wood, here, in this corner of scandinavian apartment. A cozy and delicate feel, from… More  →
  • Little details

    The beauty is in the details. And here, in these pictures, there are many details. A continuous research, to give to the interior a personal mood,… More  →
  • Lot Sixty One

    A small shared space. A bicycle repairer and a bar, together, form the Lot Sixty One Cafe. From the industrial nature, this cafe has a very… More  →
  • Black and white

    A neutral monochrome used as background. Above, playful details allegeriscono the environment, make it full of personality, lived. And for us, all we can do is… More  →
  • Rustic and modern mix

    A mix and match of styles, from rustic to modern, a contrast of materials, from recycled wood to industrial raw products, until soft tissue. Contrasts that… More  →
  • Projects

    A house in the making. New materials, new colors, new scenarios to make up a new story. Or maybe, the story is the same as always,… More  →
  • A fascinating past

    The past of this house it is certainly fascinating. First house, then grocery and then again, in World War II, a hiding place. Are walls that… More  →
  • Optical white

    White and bright is the best combination. In these images, an apartment with a Scandinavian touch, that mixes optical white, black and wood, playing with contrasting… More  →
  • Amsterdam

    Charm and beauty, freedom and lightness. In a word, Amsterdam. Fascino e bellezza, libertà e leggerezza. In una parola, Amsterdam. Via Daniel Farò Photo by Daniel… More  →
  • A new house in Milan

    A style that wants to surprise. It will be because we are in Milan and an atmosphere like that, a mix of Scandinavian and ethno-chic, it… More  →
  • A monochrome look

    A house based on white and black, a house in which only the light creates new shades. You like?! For me, these images are a very… More  →
  • Shades of white

    The color as a starting point. The white and all its nuances. Then there are the scandinavian style, the natural materials, the woods and the warm… More  →
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