• Northern light

    A balancing game. Between black and white, light and shadow, minimal and d├ęcor. An interior where classic and contemporary meet, Scandinavian tones blend, creating a warm… More  →
  • A Swedish inn

    This, in Sweden, looks like a perfect place to admire the wild beauty around, and relax. It ‘an inn. A place to receive, welcome and share.… More  →
  • A swedish stylist’s home

    The amazing style of Pella Hedeby. Creative, modern, yet so warm and welcoming. A house with nordic colors, neutral tones that are the backdrop for pieces… More  →
  • Optical white

    White and bright is the best combination. In these images, an apartment with a Scandinavian touch, that mixes optical white, black and wood, playing with contrasting… More  →
  • A Moscow interior

    Free, full of life, a little bohemian. Is the style of this house, situated in the center of Moscow but far removed from his style, that… More  →
  • A nordic interior

    The Scandinavian style. The black and white. The lightness. This apartment is made in this way, simple and clean, airy. And with a bit of verve… More  →
  • Open space

    An open view, which runs along the entire house. They are the spaces that are followed each other that create this effect: an open space effect.… More  →
  • Yvla Skarp’s home

    The artist’s home. The house of a woman with a strong personality, Yvla Skarp. Decorated in scandinavian style, with shades of white gray blacks, this house… More  →
  • The photographer’s home

    This is the home of photographer Petra Reger in Kempten, Germany. A style rich in history, with plaster walls and wooden floors perfectly preserved, and personality,… More  →
  • Anthracite interior

    A revisited scandinavian style. Personal and original. No longer the usual game of black-white-gray, but a single color, anthracite. No longer the usual Nordic minimalism, but… More  →
  • Bright white

    A Scandinavian style interior. But not only. There is so white, so clean lines, lots of materiality. But there’s personality, his, that of Elisabeth Heier, that… More  →
  • Monochrome inside

    Monochrome. This Dutch house looks like this, with a strong northern accent symbol of purity and linearity. But there is not an austere connotation, indeed, here… More  →
  • Natural style

    Open space effect. For an airy, fresh and modern result. This, a scandinavian-style interior with spaces that play with different materials, including wood, tile and soft… More  →
  • The stylist’s space

    A special house, this. Is in fact the home of Danielle de Lange, blogger well known, but especially talented stylist. The interior is a mix of… More  →
  • Greige color

    The comfort of a cozy atmosphere, in scandinavian style. Few colors, from white to greige to black, few materials, from cottons to the wood up to… More  →
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