• The inspiring home of Daniella Witte

    A passionate home, full of details, with that mix of designer pieces, old and new, and vintage items. A house that is constantly changing, as its… More  →
  • An inspired home

    The perfect combination of styles and objects, at the beginning so different from each others but then perfectly balanced and harmonics. This is the home of… More  →
  • Inside home

    A house with a strong personality, sober and elegant. A scandinavian interior, with its white, gray and woods that are mix each other. A bright ambient,… More  →
  • An apartment to inspire

    A palette of sober and minimal colors for this Scandinavian style interior. Here are some pictures that will serve for inspiration .. they hit me at… More  →
  • The simplicity of the things

    A Scandinavian style as a background, which play with warm and soft colors. An unusual interior, where the simplicity is the key. And for us, an… More  →
  • Scandinavian elegance

    The use of few colors, the alternation of cold and warm tones, the light that coming from all sides and invades the rooms, warming them and… More  →
  • Up north

    The scandinavian-style you recognize it. The palette of white-gray-black, here, is combined with the nuances of the wood, which makes the room warm and welcoming. And… More  →
  • Not just fashion

    A house of great charm, a mix between Nordic style and passion for fashion. Spaces dominated by pure white, broken occasionally by bold colors, strong, alive.… More  →
  • The beauty of simplicity

    Tasteful, harmonious and attentive to detail. Is the home of Pella Hedeby, known Swedish stylist and blogger, which amazes us with its refined simplicity. Do you… More  →
  • All gray

    A monochrome interior, dominated by a single color, the gray. To heat the room is the light, strong, penetrating through the windows and offers the most… More  →
  • The day after

    The day after the holidays… yes, it begins again. By ourselves, by our good intentions and our new hopes. It always start from here, from our… More  →
  • A Christmas atmosphere

    Sit on a bench in raw wood under the snow, collect evergreen shrubs while walking along the paths, warm up in front of an old cast-iron… More  →
  • Northern light

    A balancing game. Between black and white, light and shadow, minimal and décor. An interior where classic and contemporary meet, Scandinavian tones blend, creating a warm… More  →
  • A Swedish inn

    This, in Sweden, looks like a perfect place to admire the wild beauty around, and relax. It ‘an inn. A place to receive, welcome and share.… More  →
  • A swedish stylist’s home

    The amazing style of Pella Hedeby. Creative, modern, yet so warm and welcoming. A house with nordic colors, neutral tones that are the backdrop for pieces… More  →
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