• An inspired home

    The perfect combination of styles and objects, at the beginning so different from each others but then perfectly balanced and harmonics. This is the home of… More  →
  • Working Monday

    Images of real life. Here, some shots that serves of inspiration, to begin this Monday with a boost. Have a good day! Immagini di vita reale.… More  →
  • Easy living

    Romantic, almost poetic, bohemian. This is the inspiration of today, the simplicity to live following your heart. Do you agree? Romantica, a tratti poetica, bohemienne. E’… More  →
  • Advent

    Christmas is coming and brings in us the desire to celebrate. Go ahead to the imagination, simple or striking which is! Here, some images that serve… More  →
  • Little details

    The beauty is in the details. And here, in these pictures, there are many details. A continuous research, to give to the interior a personal mood,… More  →
  • Black and white

    A neutral monochrome used as background. Above, playful details allegeriscono the environment, make it full of personality, lived. And for us, all we can do is… More  →
  • Hidden details

    Small details that make unique a place. They make it really personal, just ours. Details in which the “less is more” is a rule of simplicity.… More  →
  • Images

    The photograph in the foreground. Images that tell details of life and people met, images that create an emotion and make you think. The inspiration of… More  →
  • The slow time

    The time passes slowly, the days are long and full of life, the feeling of freedom and unique moments. Summer is over, and with it, all… More  →
  • A scandinavian mood

    The natural light that radiate the environment, the calm and tranquility that transmits, the easy atmosphere. Are the features of this house, furnished in scandinavian style… More  →
  • A black & grey palette

    A contemporary space in a monochrome tone. Here the ambients plays with the contrasts, the light, the matter, so that every room looks different from the… More  →
  • A Moscow interior

    Free, full of life, a little bohemian. Is the style of this house, situated in the center of Moscow but far removed from his style, that… More  →
  • Usine

    A restaurant, a bar and a café in Södermalm in central Stockholm. All this is Usine, a new space furnished like a French­-Scandinavian bistro, with a… More  →
  • Let’s rock

    The inspiration found new places, new scenarios, new images. Here, in a study with a rock style, you like?! L’ispirazione trova nuovi posti, nuovi scenari, nuove… More  →
  • At last, it’s friday

    And so I relax, in a day entirely dedicated to me. And good weekend to you. E mi rilasso così, in una giornata tutta dedicata a… More  →
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