• Merci

    Merci. The coolest concept stores in Paris, and beyond. Here, some images celebrate its beauty, between the store and the Book Coffee. Merci. Il concept store… More  →
  • Lot Sixty One

    A small shared space. A bicycle repairer and a bar, together, form the Lot Sixty One Cafe. From the industrial nature, this cafe has a very… More  →
  • Scorpius beach club

    Wood, rattan and stone for a rustic chic atmosphere. A natural style, a bohemian luxury experience for this beach club on the island of Mykonos, Greece.… More  →
  • Usine

    A restaurant, a bar and a café in Södermalm in central Stockholm. All this is Usine, a new space furnished like a French­-Scandinavian bistro, with a… More  →
  • Chocolate Company

    The chocolate in Amsterdam. Here is an institution. And from the photos, you can already smell it, is not it !? Mouth-watering! Il cioccolato ad Amsterdam.… More  →
  • Polperro winery

    A wine cellar, a bistro and a cozy place to stay. Are the characteristics of Polperro, an interior with colors inspired by the earth, warm and… More  →
  • Usine restaurant

    A balanced mix between French bistro and Scandinavian style. This is Usine, a new restaurant that will open its doors in a few weeks in Södermalm,… More  →
  • The Big Apple Cafè

    An unique experience in new York city. And the desire to repeat it, reinterpret it, share it with your country, Tunisia. Here is how has born… More  →
  • Host

    Images not new for us, it is true. But I like them. I like the space, the atmosphere, I like the taste fake rustic but at… More  →
  • Noma restaurant

    One of the best restaurants in the world. Noma restaurant, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, not the usual Scandinavian food, but a real Nordic exploration, in a… More  →
  • Naturel Beach Club

    A simple taste, with a scandinavian style. We are at Naturel Beach Club, a bar restaurant located on the beach of Scheveningen, the Netherlands. The purity… More  →
  • The Yogurt Shop

    The Yogurt Shop

    Breakfast, lunch and dessert. And ‘one offering the Yogurt Shop, a local in Copenhagen, with a Nordic look, modern and minimalistic. What do you think? Have… More  →
  • Chez Serge

    Chez Serge

    Carpentras, in the middle of Provence. And ‘here that you find the restaurant Chez Serge, a sober and refined ambient offering fresh produce and fine wines.… More  →
  • Muy Mío Restaurant

    Muy Mío Restaurant

    One of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona, Sant Gervasi. And ‘here that you are born Muy Mío Plaza, a restaurant with a modern sensibility, furnished… More  →
  • Joan's on Third

    Joan’s on Third

    It ‘a charming shop, but it is also bakery, bars and bistros. Joan’s on Third is a gourmet emporium that that focus attention also on the… More  →
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