• A farm in Puglia

    An intimate atmosphere, but lively. It is to this farm in Puglia, furnished with vintage pieces and objects bought at flea markets, placed in a decidedly… More  →
  • Rustic mood

    A rustic style, a moroccan essence as basis. These spaces evoke a feeling of absolute tranquility, a deep harmony, like the places that it have around.… More  →
  • A summer cottage

    The holidays in Denmark. Fresh, immersed in nature and confidentiality. A short distance from the beach, this cottage is newly renovated while retaining elements of the… More  →
  • Imagine me and you

    Imagine me and you

    Here. Surrendered to us. The wild forest, the wind in your hair and the smell of the sea on the body. The island belongs to us.… More  →
  • Beach house

    Beach house

    Spend the holidays in Australia, and forget about everything. Scandinavian charm, with a lot of wood and natural materials, this house was designed by interior designer… More  →
  • A cottage in Mallorca

    A cottage in Mallorca

    A particular aesthetic style. A mix of local handicrafts and items found around the world. Not coincidentally, this is the home of Malene Birger, famous designer… More  →
  • Vintage charm

    Vintage charm

    A vintage flavor. And ‘this house reflects the style, with furniture of yesteryear and pieces unearthed at flea markets. A mix balanced and harmonious, with just… More  →
  • A cabin in the woods

    A cabin in the woods

    A chalet overlooking the snow-capped mountains, where nature is at loss of sight. And ‘the scene of this charming cottage, a wooden hut in a modern… More  →
  • Feel the autumn

    Feel the autumn

    A farm in Sweden. So warm, so welcoming, so intimate. This cottage looks straight out of a storybook, where time passes slowly and solemnly. Really lovely!… More  →
  • Spotlight on the cottage

    Spotlight on the cottage

    A cottage in a contemporary version. Here, the spotlight is on the living room, furnished with taste and elegance feminine. What do you think?! Un cottage… More  →
  • Country life

    Country life

    A timeless place, surrounded by nature. Where silence, peace and quiet are the protagonists. Uno spazio senza tempo, immerso nella natura. Dove silenzio, pace e tranquillità… More  →
  • Light blue

    Light blue

    A calm , soft light, , coming through windows. A light that perfectly articulates the tone of the colors and make everything more magical. An unusual… More  →
  • At the sunset

    At the sunset

    The purity and poetry. A sophisticated cottage, where natural linens draped just frame the doors. As light curtains that open onto the garden. And as far… More  →
  • Urban Country style

    Urban Country style

    Soft colour walls that merge into the floorings, colour touches that give light and glee to the rooms. As far as the rest is concerned, the… More  →
  • Romantic Mr. Grey

    Romantic Mr. Grey

    The firewood has just been chopped. Now it’s a must to sink into the couches, lit up the fireplace and let your mind wander. In this… More  →
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